So You Want to be a GC – 2022 Edition

While many attorneys aspire to be a General Counsel, the path to becoming a company’s chief legal officer can be even more convoluted than becoming a partner at a law firm. Recently, it was my pleasure to host an engaging panel discussion about what it takes to become a GC – and what takes to stay there – amongst three outstanding current and former generals counsel: Betty Francisco, former GC of the Sports Club/LA, David Mason, GC of Everquote, and Kathleen Patton GC of Jobcase and former GC of CarGurus.

Discussion topics included:

  • How the GC interacts and interrelates with the Board of Directors.
  • Mentoring and skill development essential to becoming an institution’s Chief Legal Officer.
  • What you must do as General Counsel to understand the company’s business and stay in touch with the people who run it — from the CEO to the hourly employees.

Click here to watch the webinar.

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